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[10 25AM.04 13 12]

Not to over-serious this group, but have any of you ever been ridiculed for being pan? I'm newly out (well partially out) and newly admitting it to myself. When I explained the difference between bisexual and pansexual to someone and that I was pan, not bi, they called me disgusting. Did you guys ever get reactions like that?

come join [9 42PM.09 05 05]


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[11 56PM.08 30 05]

[ mood | cold ]

why does no one ever post here?!


[8 20PM.08 27 05]

[ mood | giggly ]

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Hello people [3 39PM.08 12 05]

[ mood | giddy ]

; Name:Jordan
; Age: 16
t; How you jewin: Fabulous
; 7 bands you think are totaly FUCKING RAD: NIN, Jack Off Jill, Scarling, Nothingface, London After Midnight, The Cure
; Sexxx preference? What is now called PANSEXUAL!

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[3 50PM.03 24 05]

Name: sierra
How you jewin:pretty damn well
7 bands you think are totaly FUCKING RAD:watashi-wa, copeland, mae, bucketfull of teeth, the rocket summer, norma jean, saetia
Sexxx preference? carla
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[6 29AM.11 09 04]

Dressed to kill x is amazing join

[3 35PM.06 11 04]

[ mood | flirty ]

u guys suck at life. lmfao.

everyone go to the glcc on thursdays with me and stankwick. its hott homo central


[10 16PM.05 30 04]

yo im bored, an this community is soooo rad i think everyone should rejoin again. lol ive got nothing better to do than talk to u all in online land.. so yeah,


[12 03AM.04 24 04]

i think we should all have a moment of silence for our dear community that has died..



seriously though... this community strived to live.. despite my sad cpr attempts.. i think shes gone.. GOOD BYE PAN SEXUALS!..


comment stilll... im too lazy to erase all the b.s on this community.lol

WHOOT! [6 48PM.04 18 04]

[ mood | mellow ]

You all probably know me already, but.. hey! I do what I want! (or whatever Carla says)

Name: Jennie the Savage
Age: 16 in 21 days.
How you jewin: I'm jewin' just fine, how you jewin', baby?
7 bands you think are totaly pancore: oh snap.. i came so unprepared... Sublime, the beatles, the doors, the used, pantera, dashboard, tbs, the smashing pumpkins, ratm... some needed to be mentioned, and some i just can't fucking remember..
Sexxx preference? penis loving/leaning... (straight for the most part)

I'll hit some picture action in the next update.
Love this.

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[10 14AM.04 17 04]

hmmmmm As a community person, mod, and watcher.... IM FUCKING DECLARING as a uber dike, That Having madd random acts of tempting Lust sessions is the best thing ever.. Everyone in my community shall agree.. If not, than stop having a fucking opinion.

AHHH! ditch!.. U know how i do
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[6 56PM.04 12 04]
posting cause im cool like that lol

i loovveeeeeee youuuu carla hahahah <3

shake it like a salt shaker
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[5 59PM.04 12 04]

[ mood | curious ]

c'mon peeps keep postin!


[11 15PM.04 08 04]

Name: Jackie
How you jewin: haha um... Shit on me
7 bands you think are totaly pancore: msi, deadstar, dashboard, no doubt, OLD limp bizkit, mxpx, incode
Sexxx preference? eric newcombe
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LOOK.at.WHAT.youve.DONE.to.ME. [10 46PM.04 08 04]

[ mood | love to my carlita molita ]

I am really bored and I love my new layout...if you havent seen it, I highly suggest you look at it...

Carla..I am so sad that your sad..I really wanna talk to you and see whats going on...Im really sorry and you know that you can call me at anytime...you have my number and if you dont then you better get it...

I love you always,
Emo Evin

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Bump. [5 50PM.04 08 04]

[ mood | unwilling ]

Look alive, people.

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[8 22PM.04 07 04]

[ mood | amused ]

Name: Sasha
Age: 15
How you jewin: I be jewin alright now-a-days.
7 bands you think are totaly pancore: Placebo, Kill Hannah, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, The Stills, The Smiths, Interpol
Sexxx preference? Bi :)
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bia!! [7 22PM.04 07 04]

[ mood | so incredibly loved ]

So eric is the most amazing guy I have ever met in my entire life...so what? hes amazing and i really love being with him...he always makes me feel so special...


[10 32AM.04 07 04]

Name:Hillary Age:16 How you jewin: Im Jewin Just fine 7 bands you think are totaly pancore: Dashboard Confessional, Finch, Taking Back sunday, The starting Line, Blink-182, The cure, The ataris Sexxx preference? Straight Pure penis
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mmm the hottness [11 44AM.04 04 04]

[ mood | determined ]

holy crap this guy that works at jamba juice is so hot, and such a flammer. when i was there friday night he was dancing to beat it by michael jackson, doesnt get much gayer than that. got hes hot, i want him...i need to get balls and go and talk to him....this will be the meaning of my spring break. wish me luck!


[1 39PM.03 31 04]
[ mood | chipper ]

Name: Trisha
Age: 15
How u jewin: lol um...no?
7 bands U think are totaly pancore: avenged sevenfold, kittie, dashboard, somethign corporat,deadstar assembaly, fat whitey, staind
Sexx prefrence? bi

http://img18.photobucket.com/albums/v55/curbstompingx/toxic.jpg (( the cheap hooker one is for carla lol <3 cause we have mad sexxx on street corners ))






[12 19PM.03 31 04]
[ mood | chipper ]

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blah [4 29PM.03 29 04]

[ mood | sick ]

man i talked to Jai Rodriguez, from queer eye, yesterday one the phone, i am the luckiest queer on the planet right now!!! woo!, i wiss i would have went to the Britney spears concert :(. I have a question and i would like for people to think about this, would you consider gays to be the new blacks? and everybody should go see party monsters, it is one of the best movies ever, EVER!!!

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[7 54AM.03 26 04]

Hey... Ima mod and im uber cool.. O yeah
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